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What we're here for

Ever have a bad customer service event that was - um - less than you expected and wanted to write an email to complain, but felt you did not have the time or ability?
Ever get into an argument with a friend in which you wished that you could articulate your position in a carefully worded email, but felt you didn't have the energy or creativity?
Ever want to tell someone something difficult via email, but did not know how to do it without coming off as brash or uncaring?

Well, that's what we're here for!

Our stable of free-lance writers have the time, ability, energy, creativity, and tact to write your complaint letter or difficult email to someone and so much more.

Our clients have received hundreds of dollars in "gift cards" from restaurants that have provided poor service (we'll admit; we have a small - but highly satisfied - client base so that "hundreds of dollars" is pretty huge for us). We've extricated people from relationships without ha…

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